Nashville equestrian centre opened its doors or stabledoors in February of 2008.

I have always shared an extreme love for our furry friends, and was granted an opportunity of working with them daily, which I grabbed with both hands. My biggest wish from the getgo was to be able to share with others this love of our equine friends, and the discipline and dedication that all work hand in hand when it comes to true horsemanship.  I am also a firm believer that horse riding and horse interaction offers so many positive attributes to a persons life, one being of a therapeutic nature, as well as aiding those children with learning difficulties and limited concentration spans. But whether it be for aiding those who have difficulties or just for those who wish to learn and love horses, all enjoy the benefits that there truly are in working with our beloved animals.

I started off by buying horses off the track so ex race horses from Kimberly and Pretoria, and these horses have been with us ever since.  We then later acquired one or two ponies and other cross breads which now make up our team of awesome furry friends. We first started off across the road from the very popular Lavendar Blue resturaunt in east London, and then in 2010 we were fortunate enough to buy our own farm, Fountain Spring Farm, which is now close to Lillyfontein school, on the brakfontein turn out just outside of east London.

So welcome to my little patch of Africa, let us tell you what we have to offer:

Nashville now boasts 18 horses, these being a mixture of thoroughbreds, Arabs and other cross breads. Our horses have been solely trained by us and so we can brag with lovely natured, very friendly and obedient animals, willing to please any rider on his/her back. All our horses have their basic schooling and more with the exception of one or two still in the process.

We have wonderful facilities and are currently building our stables, although our horses are all live out horses as we prefer the FREE approach, where we encourage our horses to live and behave like horses once did in the wild. Thus making them very happy and good tempered animals.