A truly wonderful experience awaits you if you decide to join us on a working holiday in the heart of our little patch of Africa.

What can u expect from a working holiday at Nashville equestrian centre:

Jane and Wayne Nash would love to welcome you onto their farm and into their home for a holiday that will be hard to forget.

Learn to help in all areas of running day to day an equestrian estate. All workers will enjoy the benefits of working with our horses in many different capacities, as well as the general running of the farm. This means that you will learn to drive a tractor, help tend to the garden where we grow our own vegetables, help with the horse riding lessons we offer, and enjoy glorious outrides, picknicks at the river and even explore a little of South Africa. Should your visit fall over a Show period then you will get to experience the comradery and fun of horses in competition, and if you wish even get to take part, maybe even learn to cook one or two truly south African dishes, we offer an experience of a life time, and definitely one for your memory books. We offer wonderful accommodations and delicious home cooked cuisine.

So you are interested � you are asking how do I go about this � well simply first decide on the length of time you would like to stay. We offer a 2 week stay right up to a 4 week stay, however should you wish to extend your stay, you are more than welcome to put in an extension. Because of the different durations of stay, so to the price differs. Please consult our __________ for the different pricings.